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  • * * * * *  Legendary Skills  * * * * .                      . . . . .   in a Modern World

    * * * * * Legendary Skills * * * * . . . . . . in a Modern World

    Springing from the legendary scouting, tracking, wilderness survival skills of Apache warriors,  onPoint Tactical offers superior training for modern-day professionals and civilians who want  advanced outdoor skill sets to thrive in today’s demanding world.
    onPoint Tactical trained elite military units (SEALs, Rangers, Force Recon, SERE, etc.), and Federal and State LE units (FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals, etc.). onPoint Tactical provides exclusive training to domestic military contractors and civilians.
     Email Us  onPointTactical2@gmail.com
    Go HERE for a complete listing of this year’s classes.
  • * * Training Trumps Gear! * *

    * * Training Trumps Gear! * *

    In sub-zero conditions, proper training is as important as a good sleeping bag.  Some of the skills in Winter Scout, Scout and Advanced Scout include:
    • Individual covert movement
    • Team covert movement
    • Natural camouflage
    • Sensory awareness
    • Reconnaissance and observation skills
    • Scout survival (wilderness survival while covert, mobile)
    • Counter and anti-tracking


    The more you know, the less you need.

    Check out our complete Scout Curriculum


  • * * * * Our Premier Class * * * *    …. Urban Escape & Evasion ….

    * * * * Our Premier Class * * * * …. Urban Escape & Evasion ….

    This class provides leading-edge skills to civilians who live or work in challenging urban environments or who may find themselves in a destabilizing urban area during a crisis.   Skills include:
    •  how to evade a mob,
    •  how to find water & food in an urban wasteland,
    •  how to escape unlawful custody,
    •  how to read the concentric rings of the urban baseline, and much more.
     Find out more:  609-668-5384

    Go HERE for a complete listing of this year’s classes.

  • Top Survival Tips

    Top Survival Tips

    Top Survival Tips:

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    Go HERE for a complete listing of this year’s classes.

  • * * * * Scout * * Tracker * * * *      & Wilderness Survival

    * * * * Scout * * Tracker * * * * & Wilderness Survival

    Urban Escape & Evasion,
    Scout (recon patrolling),
    Off Grid Medicine,
    Urban Survival,
    Bugging Out,
    Winter Scout,
    Land Navigation, and more
    Contact us:  onPointTactical@gmail.com
    Go  HERE for a complete list of classes
  • Trusted by Military & LE

    Trusted by Military & LE

    Trusted by: elite military (SEALs, SF, USMC, etc.) and various LE agencies (DEA, FBI Secret Service, ICE, Border Patrol, etc.)


    Read about onPoint Tactical in Neil Strauss’ New York Times bestselling  book:
    **EMERGENCY – This Book Will Save Your Life**
    >Watch the Tim Ferris’ episode featuring onPoint Tactical on iTunes
    >Scroll down for our media and blog link; check in with our community.
    >Now it’s your turn!  Choose a course, learn tracking/survival skills from the world’s best.

    Call us Today 609-668-5384

    Go HERE for a complete listing of this year’s classes.

A Personal Note:

At onPoint Tactical, we present what we call:

"Legendary Skills for Today's Challenges."

Our courses serve civilians, members of the military, law enforcement, and government security contractors. If you want to be prepared for any global situation or uncertain times you will benefit from all the courses shown below.  We help you connect ancient/modern tracking - scouting - survival techniques to trending conditions.

onPoint Tactical specializes in personalized instruction with individual attention, while the teaching methodology leverages hands-on, repetitive drills, with immersive scenario training.  For more than 10 years, onPoint’s no-nonsense, sensible educational approach has created a robust skill set for thousands of professionals and civilians matching both practical and relevant skills and knowledge to real-world conditions and situations. 

If you have any questions - Contact me at 609-668-5384, or onPointTactical2@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing you in class.

-Kevin Reeve, Founder & CEO, onPointTactical



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"Kevin is trusted by Navy SEALS, Rangers, FBI. The History Channel, the Tim Ferris Show, SF Units, they all want this knowledge!" 

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