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Advanced Urban E&E
5/24/2012 2:51:45 PM by (kevinreeve)

We just finished the Advanced Urban Escape & Evasion class in Los Angeles. A splendid time was had by all. We spent the first day working on sleeping gear: bedrolls and issues surrounding sleeping in an urban environment. Students then set out to scavenge for needed gear, find a suitable site for sleeping, obtaining food, and spending the night.

The morning of day two we discovered that some had found ideal camping spots and others did not. On day two we worked on urban movement. Guest instructor Kyle DeChamps, noted stuntman and parkour expert provided an overview to parkour. We then focused on tree climbing, and the use of trees as urban hides. We set up a hammock high in a tree in a park, and several class members tested out the spot. It provided a very slick alternative shelter.

We spent some time on day two working on improvised weapons and hunting tools. We started work on a crossbow and finished it the third day. The third day we worked more on movement, focusing on fences. We also made cooking gear from salvaged cans, and everyone made a penny stove from two soda cans which burn rubbing alcohol.

We used the cookwear and stove to boil water. We worked on escaping custody and wrapped up class over lunch. The class had the opportunity to spend two nights camped in the city, and to experience the challenges of avoiding detection while sleeping restfully.

Our next Advanced Urban Escape & Evasion will be in

The prerequisite for Advanced Urban E& E is
Urban Escape & Evasion held in cities including:

Los Angeles
Salt Lake City

To see dates and complete course description jump to link:


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