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Join Date: 7/31/2008
12/15/2012 12:42:02 PM Shooter came for vengeance
School shooter had "fought with" 4 school staff members the previous day. Shot 3 of those same people. 4th person wasn't at school yesterday.


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Join Date: 3/15/2008
12/18/2012 5:30:33 PM 
those pictures on the above link were heartbreaking. I really does bring a lot of emoions to bare on a difficult subject, mainlly gun control and the mentally ill.
in my state if you have seizures, you are not allowed to drive if they are active. but there is no provision to report the mentally ill to a state agency and prevent the purchase of a gun or mandate some limitted access if you have a potentially aggressive patient. Should a boy who is reported to have a personality disorder be allowed access to a gun? should a mentally ill person be deprived a rite to own a gun? how would you even define who has the capacity to operate and appropriately steward a gun given the whole range of mentally ill? do we even have the infrastructure and professionals needed to do it? is are there so many guns unregistered that it would be impossible to do gun control?
i dont think its wrong to consider these things. I have plenty of guns andI am responsible enough I hope with them. Many I know that love guns chose to not have them in their home because of a demented parent, mentally ill child or bipolar or personality disordered spouse. I have many who got them because they live rurally and they are being stalked, robbed, running from an abusive spouse and live next door to a meth house and cant move away. when it is that complex, what do you do?
I will say that in these economic downturns, mental health care always suffers. child welfare gets underfunded, adult protective serevices gets cut, police are underfunded. education and early intervention in schools gets cut.
do we teach kids what to do in school with a shooter? I dont know if they have. or do we run active shooter drills? arm the teachers? armed gaurd at school? who funds that anddo the special training you need? are our school any less important than our airines?
I dunno, but this horrible disaster makes me as a father feel a little helpless, but the warrior in me asks wha action I can take?
I will tell you what i am dong, and thats praying. i am not super religious, but for me I have seen it be effective before in desperate times in my life. i will pray for the parents of everyone involved, and for wisdom, because my community may be next and there is a good chance thatgiven my mental health profession, I might have seen the shooter, or the victems parents.

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Join Date: 3/15/2008
12/18/2012 6:01:03 PM 
Yesterday my 13 year old daugher told me they now lock the classroom door when the bell rings for class to start. Another daughter says the teachers have been drilling on turning over the desks and taking cover, others are have the kids practice to see who fits in lockers and closets and who doesnt. Schools are now using buzzers to allow and prevent access to school and revamping the monitoring of video cameras at the front doors.

several visits with parents and adults and teachersmake one thing clear to me. arming the teachers doesnt make much sense. most of the teachers are not trained to use a gun. We hardly getthem the training they need to get the job done at school. do you really see most of the teachers acquiring and maintaining the skills to use a gun around your children? how many times would they miss before they hit the guy? how many times would they shoot the wrong guy? Are they warriors? do you see most of them seeking out the shooter and brandishing the gun? treatening the shooter? how many could live with the shooting of the shooter? do you selectout a group who are warriors, by definition with some antisocial characteristics that make them better at being a warrior and arm them? how do you find that teacher? Do you pay him hazzard pay?

what about the mental health discussion going on today about mental health and guns? did he really have asbergers? I will tell you there has been a huge boom in diagnosis, but most asbergers patients I know are not violent, they are not the kind that do this and they really do represent a huge spectrum. Many patients that come to me with a diagnosis of asbergers actually have something else. Wereally are not that good at diagnosis consistantly. So how do we decide who is mentally ill enough? do we profile?

what is a shooter likely to look like? specifically a school shooter? How good of a shot is he? on average, most shootings there is an average of 7 or so shot in a shooting. the number of shots range widely as well, butlately the stats I saw in disastermedicine literature was 1:1.2 or about 5/6 bullets fired was a leathal hit. most had no prior record, especially in school shootings per my sources.dont take my stuff as gospel though. most didnt have preexisting mentalhealth contact. predicting a shool shooter is felt to be difficult.

what would I recommmend:
harden the target, make schools harder targets
at this time I cant recommend arming teachers unlessserious commitment and resources are allotted to it.
mental health treatment should be better funded. open the state hospital and get some of the most violent off the street.
Dont take away the guns. fix the problem
take the excitement and notoriety away. dont use the persons real name. dont show the picture. dont perpetuate this info indescriminantly and promote this.
If they live, shame them. not public trials and such, but years of sad, shameful anonymous service. not movies, no cool interviews.
gotta run to e.r., just jotting down thoughts.

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