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Join Date: 12/23/2012
12/25/2012 3:03:29 PM got robbed at gun point on sunday
So, on this past sunday i was robbed at gun point by a hispanic gang member in Ontario, CA. i had cash ironically and gave him 80 bucks . and then bolted. ( i will rewrite this whole story in detail) but it was an eye opening experience of being unprepared and caught off guard.

i have been victimized.

i realized since then my training is poor at best and i am totally not prepared for robbery much less survival.

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Join Date: 3/15/2008
12/26/2012 10:32:51 AM 
Dont beat yourself up, learn from it. sorry it happened.my friend was robbed in his home and it has made him much more aware. I am glad you made it and it sounds like you were unharmed. dont forget, most predators are interviewing you and profiling you before you get ambushed. if they knowwhat they are doing, and you are not in theright mind set, its gonna go their way. 80 bucks is a cheap life lesson. look foreward to the full story.

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Join Date: 5/27/2012
12/27/2012 10:07:04 AM 
It sounds to me that you did do the right thing... Property usually (I won't say never) isn't worth putting yourself at risk for. It can be good to toss what they tell you to give them in the opposite direction you want to be going. If the person wants your stuff they will go get it and then you can run the other way. If they want something else or are planning on doing something to you they will stay put and not go after what you just threw. You then have only a couple of seconds before they will try attacking you.

I agree Trackerdoc, criminals are usually watching you and evaluating how vulnerable you are (also thinking about what you have on you that they can take). Awareness and how you carry yourself has been shown to be a huge deterrent to being robbed. I am definitely not advising anyone not to learn how to defend themselves. Learn how to fight and learn awareness. You will likely then never have the chance to use the skills you learn.

Either way that sucks. Sorry you had to go through that. I have experienced that as well long ago. I pray I will never have to again.

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Join Date: 7/31/2008
12/27/2012 7:44:58 PM Predator awareness
It's hard to accept initially that people have a predatory mindset and you are the target. It feels like a loss of innocence for people. Predators have killed people for much less than $80 - even after the victims have given them everything. Personally, I feel every predator deserves to die, even if they have no intention of killing you.

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Join Date: 12/23/2012
12/30/2012 10:01:31 PM 
last Sunday....

I parked my car in the back since parking was scarce and it was a trek to the mall entrance but i needed the exercise. I got out and walked about 3 cars down the parking lot. The lot was relativily well lit and there were people around.

As i walked a voice behind me asked " excuse me sir..." i turned around to find a cholo looking hispanic male, about 6' maybe 6' 1" standing there in a white t shirt and baggy blue jeans holding a gun, a 9mm or .45 style.

He said "give me your money..." and i stood there for a moment frozen from the situation not really allowing me to register what was actually taking place. i was a deer in the headlights. He said again more intimidatingly "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY"

i reached for my wallet and and opened it and pulled out the 20 dollar bills that were inside and handed it to him. i recall seeing another larger hispanic of to the side but i am still not able to say if he was an accomplice or not. Probably so. The cholo took my money and looked at it as if counting it and i just turned a ran. as fast as i could.

i got about what seemed to be 5 or 6 steps before i fell and tumbled and rolled it off fortunately. As i got up again i turned back and noticed he was coming after me as if prepared to fight me. i thought to myself that i could probably fight him if i have to (this thought lasted about .1 milliseconds and i kept running from my tumble and jumped behind a parked car into and ran into another lane of the parking lot before gathering myself.

I ran past several people to make it to the mall and to somewhere i knew they couldn't follow. i never screamed for help and ran past several people trying to make sense of what had just happened.

the crime and the run probably totaled a good 1 and half minutes and i had my phone out dialing 911 before getting to the nearest mall entrance ( a sam ash music store - that 80 bucks was going to buy me lots of guitar strings and picks) the police told me to stay put and within about another 5 minutes there were several police vehicles that seeming to be darting about the parking lot. A patrol car came and the officer took down the details and description of the situation then drove me back to my car. i showed them where it took place and all that good stuff that police want to know.

i got in my car and drove off and had to pull over to check my SUV to make sure they weren't hiding in the back and also in my fear i forgot to ever look to see if someone had followed me home (stupid me)

However, i appreciate all of your thoughts and comments and the conclusions and realizations i can draw from this are:
1.) i did exactly the right thing - i am here telling you about it and things could have gone very badly if i had taken even one different step.
2.) people suck
3.) it was a true wake up call to what my weaknesses are - i am taking krab magoo classes now
4.) the police cannot help you - they can respond only. i need to protect myself ( and this is by no means disrespecting police)
5.) i am also taking personal shooting lessons to get better at using my firearms and being prepared more in the sense of muscle memory to just having an understanding of what to do.
6.) i am way more aware of my surroundings now

It's weird that i think about guns as i am more of a pacifist and really don't want to have to shoot anyone, however i have realized that there may be a time when i need to. Only i can defend myself at anytime. I am getting so burnt out on the arguments of people wanting to ban guns. that phrase about "criminals prefer unarmed victims" is exactly the truth and sort of brings me back to the belief that the police cannot help you they can only respond. And i don't want to be the dude in the meat wagon for 80 bucks.

i am rambling a bit but this was a very scary and eye opening event for me. It has in fact changed my life. I work at a large bank and we could be robbed at any given moment. I live in California where we have idiot Senators trying to ban peoples means of protecting themselves (oh no, i will never tell you my guns are for hunting (I don't hunt as KFC does a better job with meat then i do) they are strictly for protection from tyranny) and i am getting tired of this government banning my opportunity to do so.

Don't know the point i am trying to make, but i kinda feel that if several people had a .44 magnum strapped to their side, say, like in AZ, this might never have happened.

Fucked up people are everywhere. Watch your ass.

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Join Date: 3/15/2008
12/31/2012 12:00:25 PM 
I remember when I was confronting a stalker at a gas station. he was obviously intoxicated and had been doing this for some time. he was armed and he made threats. He folowed me to the police station and continued to stalk for a total of a year. Its one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. you survived, you learned, now you survive survival by being aware and not letting it turn you into something you dont want to be. wanna carry a gun, thats fine, but maybe not just from fear. your gun wouldnt have saved you initially. your fear saved you. if you were able to deploy the weapon could you have shot strait at that point? most would have missed. I carry a gun, but i dont carry it anymore just for me, I carry it to be a bodygaurd. it doesnt represent my fear anymore, it represents my willingness and power to act in defense of someone else more. maybe my kids or someone else. its just a tool now. over time you will get more philosophical about it. sure hate that it had to happen to you.
use the energy you have from this in your krav classes. I like those very mush and have learned alot in those.

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Join Date: 7/31/2008
1/1/2013 10:47:43 AM 
Criminal predators know they are hunting among a vulnerable population when they assume most people are unarmed. Part of the value of CCW is that the predators have to re-calculate and assume that they are hunting among a ferocious and deadly population willing to defend themselves and act aggressively. (Do lions typical hunt among elephant herds or zebra herds?) The narcissistic predators make very different calculations in both of the those two scenarios.

In stead of "gun-free zone" signs, businesses and schools should post signs which say: "Many of our staff and patrons may be armed. If you choose to act aggressively while on this premises, you may die."

Game theory would suggest that primary aggression would decrease in these locals.

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