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1/21/2013 5:52:51 PM Kevin's Dog Soldier vs Apache Scout Article
That was a great article and makes me appreciate the Scout skills I've learned so far. But I will be honest...the ending of his article ("I hope not, but...") made me think that there was a part of the article missing. My mind had to process for a few minutes until I realized it was intentional.

This article makes me wonder though, (and I'm hoping Kevin could answer this) what were some possible mistakes (if any) that Apache made that those attempting to learn from them could avoid and thus refine the Apache Scouts' approach?

The joy of history is we have a fuller perspective and can see things that may not have been obvious to people at the time; like not invading Russian during the winter (of course most of us are glad that the German generals didn't study their history books on that one!).

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1/23/2013 2:20:04 PM 
thats a good question. never go to the superdome as kevin says is similar to never go to the reservation. i am also not sure that pride mightnot have played a role in some of their difficulties. it may have made them stronger. fighting a war on two fronts with the mexican and U.S. army may have been something in hindsite they could have avoided, but not my area.

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