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"Legendary Skills for Today’s Challenges"

Founded in 2004, onPoint Tactical LLC is a premier provider of scout, tracker and wilderness survival skills that bridge the gap between the ancient and the modern -- onPoint Tactical weaves traditional and modern skill sets into a holistic composite.

onPoint Tactical’s primary customers are members of the military, law enforcement, and government security contractors. onPoint Tactical LLC also develops courses for civilian customers who are interested in a closer connection to their ancient heritage or who want to be prepared for uncertain times.

onPoint Tactical LLC focuses on small class sizes with personalized instruction, and the teaching methodology leverages hands-on, repetitive training drills. onPoint’s no-nonsense, sensible educational approach is both practical and relevant to real-world conditions and situations.


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onPoint Tactical LLC Tracking, Scout & Survial School
tel. 609-668-5384


Instructors bio| Kevin Reeve

Kevin Reeve is the founder and Director of onPoint Tactical Tracking School. Kevin has provided training to law enforcement, SAR teams, and the US military in the arts of tracking, survival, escape and evasion and urban operations.Prior to founding onPoint Tactical LLC, Kevin worked for one of the top tracking schools in America. Kevin spent(…)

Instructors bio | Kelly Alwood

Experience/Skills 2007-Present: Instructor 2007: Worked Security on Hurricane Gustov and Hurricane Ike. 2005: Worked as an Instructor at the USAF CPEC Sniper School. 2003 & 2004: Worked as a Security contractor in Iraq. Operations include ICE Iraqi Currency Exchange Program, 5SFG REF, PSD to include General Petraeus, and Counter Sniper operations with the 1st Cav(…)

Instructors bio | Mike Krul

Experience/Skills Mike has been an avid outdoorsman his whole life. He has spent thousands of hours tracking animals and surviving in the outdoors in many environments and conditions. Taking game in the woods requires some of the keenest skills of camouflage, concealment and movement. He has applied these skills not only to the outdoors but(…)

Instructor Matt Smith

Matt Smith instructs high speed survival, primitive big game hunting and all disciplines of tracking. Matt has spent over 1500 days in the backcountry of the Continental Divide and Eastern woodlands in various stages of survival. Matt spent many years transitioning in and out of primitive survival early on in his development as an instructor.(…)

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