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by On Point Tactical

“Opportunity in Uncertainty”
by On Point Tactical




“If I were in LA…”
at Cuisle Mo Chroi


“Oh. I want.”
at The Bunker





Urban Escape and Evasion class
Counter Terrorist Magazine article highlights Urban Escape and Evasion class. (See page 30)


Child Kidnapping: Missed Opportunities
What else can Law Enforcement do to respond more effectively to kidnappings and missing children?


URBAN Escape & Evasion
You are on Patrol in Baghdad. Your group leaves the green zone in a convoy of hummers. As you enter the patrol area, your alert level jumps up a few notches…


The Dog’s Best Friend: Visual Trackers
Dogs are a tremendous asset on a search, but they are not infallible. Even when the search ends well one can always ask: could we have been faster, more efficient?


Utilizing Track Evidence at a Crime Scene
The photographer and coroner are en route. As you arrive on the scene, you stop to look at the situation from outside the tape. The body is lying in a wide spot on a sandy trail….


Using Tactical Teams as a Force Multiplier
The following two stories show first what typically happens without a tracking team in place and then how a tactical team responds to a very similar situation with a much different outcome. Both are actual incidents.

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