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Instructor Matt Smith

M. Lion PicMatt Smith instructs high speed survival, primitive big game hunting and all disciplines of tracking. Matt has spent over 1500 days in the backcountry of the Continental Divide and Eastern woodlands in various stages of survival. Matt spent many years transitioning in and out of primitive survival early on in his development as an instructor. During this time period Matt lived the high speed life style; spending many years living out of his Toyota Tacoma and immersing himself in the ecosystems of the mountain west and desert southwest. Matt considers this 4 year period in his life to be the most valuable to his development as an instructor. He experienced things in the wild that few can relate to. Transitioning out of this lifestyle and networking with other instructors; Matt quickly learned how few people there are that have really lived it.

Matt began training with onPoint Tactical in 2009. Since then, from a survival perspective, Matts skillset has evolved to take the practical approach to survival. When addressing real need and especially considering the current state of the world; this practical approach began to drive Matt. Fusing together the primitive skills into a modern context is extremely valuable from a true survival perspective. Matt needed to walk in both worlds.From this the concept of High Speed Survival was born. This curriculum has been valued by military and civilians alike and is even attracted attention from major TV networks.

Tracking has always been a constant for Matt, even before he was conscious of it as a small child. Matt believes in the practical applications of tracking. For years, Matt worked in wilderness therapy and was often called on the track and recover running or abscondingstudents. This experience became a proving ground for his tracking abilities and gave Matt the necessary experience to perform in other real world tracking cases.

Second only to his family circle; the hunt drives Matt. Matt hunts with entirely primitive archery tackle. Matt prefers to hunt with reflexed self bows and stone tipped arrows. This skillset encompasses everything. Humans are goal oriented. The hunt satisfies this thirst for primitive technology while creating a tangible goal. The hunt peaks our awareness, fine tunes our tracking, brings our stalking to a whole new level, forces us to become an expert in manufacturing primitive weapons and teaches us to kill in a good way. This skill set pushes the envelope for any practitioner and has obvious tactical applications.

Matt Smith, Instructor:

  •   Expertise in primitive and non-primitive survival, tracking, wilderness evasion, emergency preparedness, survival psychology and primitive big game hunting
  •   Over 1,500 days in the backcountry of the continental divide, from the Canadian to the Mexican border, in various stages of survival
  •   4 Years as a wilderness therapy instructor in the high desert of Utah
  •   Matt’s tracking ability has been critical in the recovery of several “absconding” at risk youth.
  •   Tracker: Mexican Wolf re-introduction into the White Mountain Apache Reservation of Arizona
  •   Instructor/Program Developer: University of Utah wilderness survival program
  •   Instructor: White Pine Wilderness Academy of Indiana
  •   Instructor: Rabbitstick Rendezvouses of Idaho
  •   Instructor: Martial Tactical Training of Michigan
  •   Instructor: Maine Primitive Skills gathering
  •   Instructor: Grove Therapeutic Boarding school, survival club
  •   Founder/Chief Instructor: Aegis Training Solutions, LLC. Aegis is a crisis intervention training and

    service provider

Instructors bio | Mike Krul


Mike has been an avid outdoorsman his whole life. He has spent thousands of hours tracking animals and surviving in the outdoors in many environments and conditions. Taking game in the woods requires some of the keenest skills of camouflage, concealment and movement. He has applied these skills not only to the outdoors but to Law Enforcement as well. Prey is still prey whether it is human or animal.He also has over 20 years of Group and Private Instruction in many skill sets. Understanding how people learn is a vital asset in passing on cognitive and physical skills to a point where people will learn it quickly, remember it and be able to use the skills when needed. A confidant well trained student will apply the skills learned quicker and more proficiency. Mike’s diversity in instruction is a valuable asset to onPoint Tactical Tracking, Scout, and Survival School.His specialties are Self-Defense, Wilderness Survival, Hunting, and the Scout Skills. He has trained diverse groups of students over the years; Private Citizens, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Tactical Teams, Security personnel, and Firefighters.He has over 23 years working in the Fire Service and over 18 years working in Law Enforcement.His goal is to teach people skills that will save their lives, whether it is in Wilderness or Tactical situations.


Instructional Certifications/Experience


  • Aircraft Crash / Fire / Rescue
  • Communications Specialist
  • Weapons Courier Custodian
  • Office of Special Investigation
  • Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Secret Security Clearance


  • Locate and Arrest individuals on Outstanding Warrants
  • Over 3,000 arrests
  • Field Training Officer; recurrent training of Officers
  • On the Job Training and experience:
  • Plain Clothes LE Operations
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
  • Concealed Weapons Carry
  • Serving of Warrants and Search Warrants (Low and High risk)
  • House and Room Clearing
  • Foot pursuits
  • Fugitive Tracking and patterning
  • Felony stops and Arrests
  • Prisoner Transportation
  • Multi Jurisdictional Operations
  • Agencies worked with
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • United States Marshals
  • United States Customs
  • Department of Corrections
  • County Fugitive task Force / COMET / SET
  • Numerous other State, County and Local Police Agencies


  • Safety and Security of Inmates (All Classifications).
  • Instructor for the County’s Corrections Academy, and re-current training for departmental personnel, Road Patrol and Corrections.
  • Assigned several years to the Mental Health Ward (Psyc. Ward)
  • Jail Emergency Team (JET), Team Leader and Trainer. A tactical team to handle hostile inmate control.
  • Published Author in “American Jail Association” Magazine, “How to escape proof your jails” 2007
  • Written several Training Manuals and training presentations dealing with Hostile Inmate Control
  • Riots and Group Disturbances
  • Cell Extractions
  • Vehicle Extractions
  • Tactical Ground Control


  • Use of Force
  • Pressure Point and Control Techniques
  • Subject Control
  • Tactical Handcuffing
  • Impact weapons
  • Weapons disarming and retention
  • Ground Avoidance Ground escape
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense

OWNER OPERATOR T.A.C.T (Tactical Aggression Control Training)

  • Advanced Defensive Tactics Training designed specifically for Law Enforcement and Tactical Operators.
  • Unarmed Deadly Force
  • Tactical Defensive Tactics
  • Tactical Ground Control
  • Use of Force
  • Survival Stress

MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR (Al Tracy’s International School of Self Defense)

  • Certified Instructor (12 years) in Self-Defense and Stick / Knife fighting
  • Specializing in personal training and private instruction
  • 2ND Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt) Chinese Kenpo

INSTRUCTOR / TRAINER (International Shootfighting Association)

  • Ground Fighting
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Submission Grappling
  • Team Trainer – TeamshooT MMA Fight Team (Cagefighting)


  • Responsibilities; Administration and Supervision of Firefighters and Fire ground Tactical operations
  • Specific assignments: Training Officer, Water Rescue equipment and operations and writing of departmental policies and procedures.
  • State and National Certification as Firefighter I & II, State Certified Fire Officer I &II
  • Over 23 years in the Fire Service


  • Marine Patrol and Law Enforcement on local and international Waterways.


  • High School
  • United State Air Force
  • USAF Crash / Fire / Rescue Academy
  • USAF Advanced Rescue Academy
  • USAF Office of Special Investigation (OSI)
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (USAF)
  • Community College
  • Advanced Police Training Academy
  •   Marine Safety Officer Academy
  •   Concealed Weapons Detection
  •  Officer Safety & Survival
  •  Combat Techniques with a Semi Auto pistol
  •  Subject Control
  •  Interpersonal Communications
  •  Cultural Diversity
  • Advanced Fire Training Academy
  •   Live Training Fires
  •   Emergency Medical Technician
  •   Ice and Water Rescue
  •   Confined Space Rescue
  •   Hazardous Materials Operation
  •  Motor Vehicle Accident Extrication
  •  Rapid Intervention Team
  •  Emergency Response to terrorist incidents
  •   Wild land Firefighting
  • Michigan Firefighters Training Counsel
  •   Firefighter I & II
  •   Fire Officer I & II
  •   Fire Investigations
  •   Instructor Trainer
  •   National Incident Management System
  •   Incident Command
  • E.M.S. Instructor Coordinator
  • County Corrections Academy
  • National Institute of Corrections
  • Department of Corrections Emergency Response Team
  • Physiological and Psychological effects of Stress in Deadly and Less lethal force encounters.
  • DNR Hunter Education
  • OnPoint Tactical LLC Tracking and Survival School Courses
  •   Tactical Tracking
  •   Scout
  •   Tactical Scout
  •   Urban E & E
  •   Scout Trapping
  •  Winter Scout
  •   Tracker School Courses
  •   Basic Survival
  •   Advanced Survival
  •   Advanced Tracking and Awareness
  •   Scout

Interests and Self Study

  • Self-Defense
  • Aggression Control
  • Combat stress
  • Firefighting
  • Law Enforcement
  • Wilderness Survival skills and Education
  •  Wild Land Search and Rescue
  •  Computer Technologies
  •  Hunting, Fishing & Trapping
  •  Animal Tracking
  •  Man Tracking

Personal Statement

I have been a hunter and Outdoorsman my whole life and I feel the experiences I have learned in the field are worth passing on. I am a fully qualified Instructor / Trainer and feel I have the skills necessary to educate others in many fields. I feel I will handle Instructional and training responsibilities with the utmost professionalism. With the Military, Firefighting, Law Enforcement and Wilderness Outdoors experience / training I have received, I feel I am adept in dealing with many different atmospheres and situations. I have become comfortable and feel at ease at accepting all new challenges.

Instructors bio | Kelly Alwood

Instructor 2007: Worked Security on Hurricane Gustov and Hurricane Ike. 2005: Worked as an Instructor at the USAF CPEC Sniper School.

2003 & 2004:
Worked as a Security contractor in Iraq. Operations include ICE Iraqi Currency Exchange Program, 5SFG REF, PSD to include General Petraeus, and Counter Sniper operations with the 1st Cav Div. in Baghdad.

Licensed bail enforcement agent since 1994. Over 300 felony arrests in the United States and Mexico. Has done Contract work for the US Secret Service, and the FBI to track down some of Americas most wanted. Appeared numerous times on 60 Minutes and Dateline during bounty hunting career.

Internationally certified Black belt and Instructor. Certified Level III US Army Combatives instructor. Holds belts in Tae Kwon Do (moo duk kwan) and (moo sul doo), Hopkido, Aikido, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, and Ishanru.

Won several IPSC pistol competitions. Competed and placed with sub-guns as well.

Working knowledge (can read, write, and speak) English, Bahasa Malaysia, Russian, and Indonesian. Working on Arabic.

Instructors bio| Kevin Reeve

Kevin Reeve is the founder and Director of onPoint Tactical Tracking School. Kevin has provided training to law enforcement, SAR teams, and the US military in the arts of tracking, survival, escape and evasion and urban operations.Prior to founding onPoint Tactical LLC, Kevin worked for one of the top tracking schools in America. Kevin spent 8 years as a Director at this program, and was responsible for the instructor staff there. Kevin also worked at Apple Computer for 5 years doing organizational development and executive coaching, as well as platform training and curriculum development. Kevin has also been involved in Scouting for over 25 years, including 15 years as a Scout Master. Military Units Trained

  • SEAL Teams members from teams One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Dev Group, Eight, and Ten, SDV1 & 2
  • Special Forces members from 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th Groups
  • Member of Combat Applications Group
  • Members of 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions
  • Members of Marine Force Recon
  • Members of 75th Ranger Regiment
  • US Air Force Parajumpers
  • Members of USMC Scout/Snipers
  • US Navy SERE school instructors
  • Air Force SERE school instructors

Police Departments Trained

  • Woodbridge PD 2000
  • New Jersey State Police 2001
  • Warren County Tactical Response Team 1999
  • Jackson Township PD 2000, 2002
  • Long Beach Township 1998
  • Ocean County SWAT Team 2004
  • New Jersey State Park Police 2005
  • Maricopa County (AZ) SWAT Team 2005
  • Macomb County (MI) Dept of Corrections 2005
  • Manchester PD (NJ) 2006
  • Tonkawa Tribal Police (OK) 2006
  • Riley County Police, (KS) 2007
  • Larned Police Department (KS) 2007

Consulted for the following Agencies

  • FBI
  • US Secret Service
  • US Marshal Service
  • Florida State Bureau of Investigation
  • New Jersey State Police
  • Ocean Twp Police
  • Jackson Twp Police
  • Larimer County Sheriff Dept.
  • Santa Cruz County Sheriff Dept

Recent Prominent Tracking Cases

  • Aidan Paul Burke – Santa Cruz County, CA. March 2004 Successfully tracked and aided in recovery of three year old boy missing in Redwood forest for 20 hours.
  • Chris Roberston – Ocean County, NJ July 2003 Successfully tracked and recovered thirteen year-old boy missing in Pine Barrens for 14 hours.
  • Jaryd Aterdero – Poudre Canyon, CO. October 1999 Tracked and identified the fate of missing three year old who was taken by a mountain lion while hiking in the Rockies.
  • Officer Horner Homicide – Polk County, FL October 2001 Aided in the resolution of homicide of Police Officer in a lonely cemetery. Used forensic photographs to identify the number of assailants, and their movements. Recreated Officer Horner’s last few moments, and breathed new life into a cold case that ultimately contributed to the resolution of the case.

Movie/Television/Media Credits

  • Trained Benecio Del Torro for his appearance in “The Hunted”
  • Assisted with technical consultation on the set of “The Hunted”
  • Played major role in the TV show “Track Down: The Chase” on CourtTV


  • Forensic Magazine, Vicon Publishing, Amherst NH
  • Utilizing Track Evidence at a Crime Scene
  • Winter 2004, pp12 – 13.
  • The Tactical Edge, Official Journal of the National Tactical Officers Association
  • Using Tactical Tracking Teams as a Force Multiplier
  • Winter 2005, pp 38 – 40
  • Quoted/appeared on many TV programs, newspapers, and magazines, including CNN, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine.
Sandy’s Tragic Lessons

Sandy’s Tragic Lessons

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Lesson One: SELF-RELIANCE over servitude. NEVER ever ever ever ever go to the Superdome. In other words, if you are dependent on the government for your well being after a disaster, you are in for some very hard times. If you have not prepared in advance for the likely disasters for your area, you will be at the mercy of local, state, and God forbid, the Federal Government, none of which can be depended upon for mercy.

I am undecided if the Gov response to Sandy is a result of intent or incompetence, but either way, the citizens of the area have not been well served by their rescuers. Either way, those dependent on the government were not treated well.

Instead of going to the FEMA camp, consider likely events and prepare yourself to meet them. Do you have emergency power? Generators are invaluable in running furnaces, providing light, etc. But they require fuel. The best generators for an emergency can be run on natural gas, propane, and gasoline (tri-fuel). Gasoline will be in short supply and is difficult to store. Propane is safe and easy to store. Natural gas is the last utility to be disrupted. It usually works even when the power is down.

Lesson Two: In most of the country, you will need a source of heat in winter. Instead of trying to heat the entire house, close down a room and heat it. A kerosene or propane heater can be used indoors if ventilated. A cracked window or door is all that is necessary.

Lesson Three: You need approximately one gallon of water a day per person. If you cannot store it, know how to purify it. Water is purified four ways. For biological contamination, boiling is simple. Adding bleach or iodine is also effective. A good water filter will remove biological contamination as well. However, distillation is the only method to remove dissolved chemical solids and heavy metals. A pressure cooker with a hose attached to the vent and then attached to copper tubing makes an improvised still. Pure H2O comes out the end of the tube. But it requires a source of heat.

Lesson Three: A good portable stove is worth its weight in food. An inexpensive butane stove can be a perfect emergency source for purifying water and cooking food. A propane stove or barbeque can be utilized. A simple fire can work if it is managed safely. But some form of cook stove is essential.

Lesson Four: Food will become a VERY high priority in a couple of days. Can your food be stored in such a way that rising waters do not destroy it? Canned foods are the most useful resource in an emergency. Canned soups, chili, and tuna are great staples. Have at least several days worth of canned food.

Lesson Five: No one will come when you call 911. You must be responsible for your own protection. Do you have protection against two-legged predators? In states like NY, the powers that be want you disarmed and helpless. But that does not mean you have no options. Shotguns are legal in NYC. But either way, I would not surrender my right to life to some dirtbag. My new home state is very gun-friendly. That is a primary consideration to where I relocated.

Lesson Six: What is an inconvenience now can be devastating in a grid-down situation. A basic first aid kit is essential. Extra prescription medication is important. Over the counter remedies are very helpful in an emergency. A simple cut can go septic because of all the contamination now in the environment.

As I watched the videos of New Yorkers pleading with their leaders, like Chucky Schumer, and listened to the leaders promise relief that they knew was not coming, I was glad that I have learned not to depend on the government. Hopefully everyone learned the big lesson from Sandy. If you care, you must prepare.

Dog Soldier vs. Apache Scout

Dog Soldier vs. Apache Scout

In the annals of American warfare, few fighters have a greater reputation for bravery than the Dog Soldiers of the Cheyenne. The Dog Soldiers were one of six military societies of the Cheyenne Indians.
Dog Soldiers were noted as both highly aggressive and effective combatants.

They were highly skilled cavalry, far superior on a horse to the US military. But what distinguishes the Dog Soldiers was their aggressiveness in battle. One key tradition was to dismount in the middle of a battlefield and fight on foot. They wore a long breechcloth, about 50 ft in length. Once on the ground, they would pin the end of the breechcloth to the ground with a Sacred Arrow. Once pinned, they fought within the range of movement allowed by the breechcloth. According to their creed, they could not leave that space until the battle ended, or they died.

What courage that required. To stay and fight or die. No matter what. They were ferocious fighters who struck fear into their enemy the Crow. And their battlefield combat skills meant death to many a US Cavalry soldier. They were particularly adept at dismounting Cavalry.

The Dog Soldiers fought bravely and did much to slow the advance of the US Army into Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming. However, they lost a war of attrition. For every US Soldier killed on the battlefield, there were 100 to take his place. Every Dog Soldier killed was irreplaceable. Before the end of the 1860s, they ceased to be an effective fighting force.

Contrast this with the Apache Scout. A fierce fighter, and known for incredible battlefield skill, the Apache can be said to be the reason there was so little resistance in the US war with Mexico in 1846 – 48. The Apache had over the previous thirty years depopulated the entire area several times. Led by the great battlefield chiefs Cochise and Victorio, Apaches raided mercilessly on the Mexican settlements that dotted the area. This was said to be in retaliation for the enslavement of Apache to work silver and gold mines.

Once America annexed Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, the Apache turned their attention to the new American settlers, which did not end well for the settlers. This brought about several campaigns by the US Army under several Generals, most famous and most effective being General Crook.

The Apache was surrounded by enemies and developed one of the most effective fighting styles in history. It is still studied at West Point as one of the most effective uses of asymmetrical warfare in history. In fact, if you study it, you will see the exact same tactics and strategies in use by the Muj in eastern Afghanistan and Western Pakistan.

Asymmetrical warfare says that when you are fighting an enemy that has superior manpower and materials, that you must never engage in traditional warfare. All attacks must be non-conventional.

Once they started fighting the Americans, the Apache came to realize that they were fighting an enemy with endless resources. If they killed US soldiers, more showed up. If they killed them, more showed up. So they developed a strategy that involved avoiding direct confrontations, in fact, it avoided any confrontation that was not heavily slanted in their favor. They developed the ability to move through their environment without leaving a trace of their passing. They avoided confrontation. What? The most fierce and hated fighters in the entire Indian wars avoided confrontation? That is correct. They has special warriors, known as Scouts, who provided long range reconnaissance patrols that identified the location of the enemy and allowed the Apache to avoid them.

A direct confrontation between a US Cavalry patrol and an Apache warrior band would lead to the death of several US soldiers. They were not particularly well trained and frankly, to be assigned to Apacheria meant you did something somewhere to irritate your command. If that same confrontation led to the death of even one Apache warrior, then it was too high a price for them to pay.

Let me give an example. On his last breakout from the Reservation at San Carlos, Geronimo too 33 warriors, and 100 women and children. He cut a swath of violence through the southwest as he fled towards Mexico. At one point, the US Army put ¼ of its entire troop strength into the field (250,000 soldiers) to capture 33 warriors and 100 women and children. And to no effect. Geronimo was NEVER captured. He eventually got tired of life on the run and surrendered. But do not think for a minute that he could not have maintained himself in the field and eluded the enemy indefinitely.

How was he able to elude so many soldiers and civilians trying to engage him? By avoidance. By not engaging the enemy where he is strong.

The Apache fought, but on Apache terms. He needed three conditions to engage. One, numerical superiority. Without 3 to 1 numerical advantage, there was no engagement. Too high a risk of losing one of the 33.

The second condition was the element of surprise. Without surprise on your side, it is not an ambush, but rather a firefight. They did not like firefights that put their men at risk.

The third element was extreme violence of action. They hit hard, they extended no mercy, and they moved on. Without these conditions, they just moved on.

The combination of these three tactics assured for the most part, that they were successful. In Geronimo’s last run, he surrendered with 33 warriors and 100 women and children. The exact same number he started with.

So at this point I am going to state the obvious. The Apache survived their wars far better than the Dog Soldiers. Were the Apache less brave because of the way they fought? I would not think so. For them, dying on the field of battle was an indication of failure not bravery. They lived to fight another day by avoiding most conflict. There were no “it is a good day to die” speeches. Was this cowardice? I would not want to meet Geronimo and call him a coward. He was a guerrilla in the classic sense.

Why this now? Hopefully the obvious is clear. The skills of the scout may well have application in our future as we see the decline in our civility. We may have to avoid rather than confront enemies. I hope not, but…

NCIS: Los Angeles does “Merry Evasion” ala Urban Escape & Evasion

NCIS: Los Angeles does “Merry Evasion” ala Urban Escape & Evasion

One of the producers for NCIS: Los Angeles, took our Urban Escape & Evasion class. The result was an episode entitled “Merry Evasion” linked here. Thanks to Kyle Harimoto, for all the great references including to the “urban tracking class.” Watch the full episode here.


READ First: Message from Kevin Reeve

READ First: Message from Kevin Reeve

2014 SMARTSavings Class offer:

Register for a class of your choice between now and Jan 1, 2014, and take our regularly priced classes ($795) for the SMART price of $695.

With the state of the economy and Middle East in free-fall, onPoint Urban Survival Training is now more valuable than ever. Thousands of our students have come to appreciate what I know, as a Survival Specialist, and Professional Survival Instructor:

Training Trumps Gear.

You can have all the gear in the world, but without the skills to develop a strategy for how to move and survive in a challenging and dangerous environment
your chances are little better than the average person.

If you register between now and the end of the year, the price is $695.
Planning ahead saves money.

Please call us directly (609-668-5384) for this Special Price. You can also pay for a class now and choose the class at a later date. SmartSavings are available through end of business day Jan 1, 2014.

You will be at a significant advantage in the months and years ahead as the world experiences a very tumultuous period. In order to rely upon yourself and be an asset to your family and community, you need to know and understand what is considered to be
Uncommon Knowledge.

Consider our:

Bugging Out Class
– a comprehensive class for bugging out
of the city

Urban Escape and Evasion Class
– our flagship class that trains civilians and professionals to evade and escape a chaotic city

Off the Grid Medical Class
– for when hospital or doctor care is unavailable

Scout/Winter Scout
– legendary survival skills while covert & mobile

Land Navigation
– Navigation by azimuth w/wo compass

Events are unfolding that are unprecedented and will require you to be at the top of your game. Train for yourself and the ones you love. See you in class.

Sharpen Your Skills,

Kevin Reeve

Read more here.


Clean Air

Clean Air

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Remote Places

Remote Places

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Water Town

Water Town

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Maritime Shipping

Maritime Shipping

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Cooking Courses

Cooking Courses

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Long Exposures

Long Exposures

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Living Art

Living Art

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From the Marathon

From the Marathon

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Kids Division

Kids Division

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Football League

Football League

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Greenhouse Plants

Greenhouse Plants

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Morning News

Morning News

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Travel the world

Travel the world

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How to Shop for Healthy Fruits

How to Shop for Healthy Fruits

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Are Your Kids Under Stress?

Are Your Kids Under Stress?

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How to Stay Connected on the Go

How to Stay Connected on the Go

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Top 10 Office Entertainment Gadgets

Top 10 Office Entertainment Gadgets

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