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Mar 30-April1, 2017 Advanced Scout, St George, UT


This course is the basic introduction to the Scout curriculum. The course teaches the basic skills needed to operate as a Scout. These include individ…

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Course: Advanced Scout: This course teaches the student how to see, understand, and utilize terrain the way Apache Scouts did. Students will learn how to develop observation and mapping skills that will give them tremendous operational advantages. Students will also learn advanced movement training techniques that will over time greatly reduce their noise and concentric ring signature. They will apply camouflage to Scout shelters (other than Scout pits) and learn to live and move silently and invisibly for extended periods of time.
Track: Scout
Dates: March 30-April 1, 2017
Location: St George, UT
Comments: Class open to civilians. Camping at class location in mtns near St George.
Regular Cost: $795
Early Bird Rate: $740   Savings apply when paid at least two weeks prior to class.
Early registration is encouraged to reserve your place.


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