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May 11-13, 2017 NEW CLASS!! JAEGER SCOUT, St George, UT


A full on recon class.  The next step in the scout curriculum.

Product Description

A Jaeger Scout is a scout trained in classic light infantry concepts and tactics, he is the “Hunter” in his battlespace (Jaeger is German for Hunter, some European light and mountain infantry units bear this title).  The mindset of the Jaeger Scout is offensive as opposed to defensive.  The Jaeger Scout will look for oportunities to engage an enemy to keep him off ballance and stay inside his enemy’s OODA loop.  Aggressive reconnaissance is key to maintaining the initiative.  Jaeger Scouts are different than snipers.  Jaegers will use squad sized units and employ fire & maneuver tactics as well as some sniper tactics, but are trained, tasked, and equipped differently than snipers.
What will this course cover?
The Jaeger Scout course will focus on the planning and execution of ambushes and raids, while living in successive patrol bases, and providing your own reconnaissance.  After learning the basics we will discuss planning more complex operations and successive ambushes.  Movement through difficult terrain, at night, under time constraints, while remaining stealthy will be expected.  Some mountaineering subjects may be covered.

What is light infantry and how is it different than regular (line) infantry?
Track: Scout
Dates: May 11-13, 2017
Location: St George, UT
Comments: Class open to civilians. Camping at class location in mtns near St George.
Regular Cost: $795
Early Bird Rate: $740   Savings apply when paid at least two weeks prior to class.
Early registration is encouraged to reserve your place.


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