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During the "Apache Wars" of the 1860s and 1880s, the U.S. Army deployed up to 25 percent of their entire Western troop strength trying unsuccessfully to locate 33 Chiricahua Apache warriors in the Southwestern desserts of what was then still "Indian Territory". These invisible Apache fighters always knew their enemy’s location, strength, and direction of travel. The U.S. Army rarely possessed similar field intelligence. Legendary scouting skills allowed the Apache to 1) avoid direct confrontation with an enemy of superior numbers, and 2) wage an extended guerrilla campaign that kept the U.S. Army constantly on the defensive.

Springing from the historic scouting skills of the Chiricahua Apache, onPoint Tactical’s Scout curriculum is designed to teach students the essentials of covert movement, reconnaissance, wilderness survival and critical scouting skills. Daily training consists of in-depth personalized instruction, hands-on skill development, and extensive practice to reinforce skill individual sets. Night scenarios are also included in Scout coursework to simulate real world scouting scenarios. Some of the many skills that students will develop throughout On Point’s Scout curriculum include:

  • Individual covert movement
  • Team covert movement
  • Natural camouflage
  • Sensory awareness
  • Reconnaissance and observation skills
  • Scout survival (wilderness survival while covert and mobile)
  • Counter and anti-tracking
  • Sniper field craft
  • Human traps
  • Ambush setup and avoiding enemy ambush

onPoint Tactical’s Scout curriculum consists of both core and elective courses designed to prepare students for the first Scout certification exam. All Scout core courses, as well as three elective Scout courses, are required to schedule a Scout certification test. Courses can be taken at any time in any order.

Scout Core Courses (all required):

  • Basic Scout (each course links to detailed description below)
  • Winter Scout
  • Land Navigation
  • Urban Escape and Evasion

Scout Elective Courses (three required):

  • Advanced Scout (The Way of the Scout)
  • Scout Trapping
  • Tactical Scout
  • Art of Camouflage
  • Point Man
  • Sniper Field Craft I
  • Sniper Field Craft II
  • Sniper Shooting Craft

Upon completion of the required coursework, students may schedule a certification test with onPoint Tactical’s training staff. The Scout certification test will measure Scout skill sets in practical real-world settings. The Scout certification test is pass/fail, and retesting is allowed within one month. Successful completion of the basic Scout certification test qualifies students to sign up for OnPoint Tactical’s advanced level Scout courses.

Scout Advanced Courses (all required):

  • Counter and Anti-Tracking
  • Advanced Urban Escape and Evasion
  • Beyond SERE

Upon completion of all advanced Scout coursework, students may schedule an advanced certification exam. The advanced certification test is pass/fail, and retesting is allowed within one month. Future onPoint Tactical instructors will be drawn from those extremely dedicated students who successfully complete advanced OnPoint Tactical certification exams.

Scout Courses in Detail:
Basic Scout
This course is the basic introduction to the Scout curriculum. The course teaches the basic skills needed to operate as a Scout. These include individual and team movement, high-speed, low impact survival skills, observation and reconnaissance skills, booby traps and many other related capabilities that were mastered by effective Scouts. Students will receive class instruction during the day and apply their new-found skills during night exercises and simulations. For St George location, fly into Las Vegas, take shuttle to St George, and we will pick up. No charge for camping at location.

Winter Scout
The course will focus on winter Scout skills, including snow shelters, winter survival, and winter movement. The course will also focus on counter tracking in snow, hunting and trapping in winter, snow camouflage, and a host of other skills Scouts may need to be effective in winter.

Land Navigation
Students will learn how to navigate using a map and compass. This decidedly low-tech approach will teach the skills necessary to survive as a Scout without the latest technology. Students will learn how to follow an azimuth, locate their position, and plan a route. In addition, students will learn survival navigation that will allow them to follow an azimuth without a compass. It is surprising how few people actually know these basic yet invaluable outdoor skills. When technology fails, these skills will last.


Urban Escape and Evasion
While on an international business trip, you are kidnapped and held for ransom. Or, a terrorist attack closes the business district of your city and you find yourself in a dangerous, chaotic fix. How do you stay alive? How do you get to safety on your own?

This class provides leading-edge skills to civilians who live or work in challenging urban environments or who may find themselves in a destabilizing urban area during a crisis. Topics covered include covert movement (day vs. night), the judicious use of caches, understanding urban baseline movement and urban awareness training, the use of disguises and false papers/identification, lock picking, escaping from unlawful custody, obtaining and driving local transportation, the use of "specialized" urban gear, and instruction on how to develop urban escape and evasion go-bags. A one day urban escape scenario is held the final day of class. Training will be held as follows:

Please be advised that upon entering the training facility, you will be entering a "safe-house in a foreign country", and the enemy will have surveilance in operation at all times. Training will begin Thursday morning in the hotel's conference room, and run until 6:00 pm that evening. You will be assigned tasks which will require additional time (usually a couple of hours) into the evening after class to hone your new skills.

Friday's schedule will be the same: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, with additional exercises out in the city well into the late evening hours. Keeping an attitude that you are in dangerous, hostile territory all the time you're in the training city will make the training that much more effective.

Saturday's exercise will begin at 8:30 am and involve putting your new skills and mindsets to the test in a real-life scenario lasting most of the day until around 5:00 pm. You will be "kidnapped": hooded, cuffed and taken somewhere dark and uncomfortable to start your day. You will be expected to escape, find your own transportation legally using your social engineering skills, and make your way to the first cache location, where directions for a series of tasks using all your new skills await.

Meanwhile, expert trackers will be hunting you down, and if they catch you, you will have to start again from a more distant location.

Discussion and debriefing will be held after the formal exercise, so any flights out Saturday night should be scheduled no earlier than 8:00 pm.

Be advised, therefore, that this training is extremely demanding physically, emotionally and intellectually. You can plan on walking around the city at least ten miles, perhaps fifteen, by the end of the course. You will also experience a high degree of stress that you will be expected to manage successfully. In addition to hands-on skills learned in class, there will be long hours of absorbing as much lectured subject matter as possible. Some of which may be disturbing in content, as self defense and self preservation are the core topics covered in this course.

In essence, you will be learning how to save your own life and others' lives in an urban environment. We hope you become an expert in, but will never have to implement these skills!

Advanced Scout
This course teaches the student how to see, understand, and utilize terrain the way Apache Scouts did. Students will learn how to develop observation and mapping skills that will give them tremendous operational advantages. Students will also learn advanced movement training techniques that will over time greatly reduce their noise and concentric ring signature. They will apply camouflage to Scout shelters (other than Scout pits) and learn to live and move silently and invisibly for extended periods of time.

Scout Trapping
This class is designed for anyone who may face booby traps in their professional life, such as law enforcement, military personnel, and contractors, as well as civilians who may travel abroad. This course will introduce students to the principles of “man trapping” and will teach several primitive traps to reinforce human trapping principles. Students will learn several applications of the Apache limp wire trip set. They will learn principles of both mechanical and electronic warning devices. They will learn what kinds of devices are being deployed around the world. They will develop skills in selection of location, trap mechanics, building and troubleshooting traps, funneling the quarry, and camouflaging traps, all to the end of being able to detect and disarm such traps. NOTE: We do not cover the manufacture of explosive devices in accordance with federal law.


(no classes scheduled)

Tactical Scout
This course will focus on injecting advanced Scouting skills into standard military patrolling techniques. The goal is to create a hybrid set of capabilities for the Scout that will help students integrate their Scouting skills into standard military operations. The course utilizes large amounts of field time, as well as force-on-force simulations, that provide participants with hands-on tactical experience.


(no classes scheduled)

Art of Camouflage
This course will cover the subject of camouflage in great detail. The course will focus mainly on personal camouflage but will also cover camouflage principles that can be utilized in a number of circumstances. Students will learn how camouflage tricks the brain-eye connection. Students will also learn why digital camouflage works, and how to apply the same principles to other types of natural camouflage. Students will experiment with creating and testing their own camouflage patterns in various settings. Students will also learn how to create their own clay-based camouflage make-up kits from natural ingredients and develop waterproof camouflage skills.


(no classes scheduled)

Point Man
This course helps students develop tactical Scouting skills that will aid in keeping military patrols safe. Students will learn how to detect the presence of enemies far outside the range of normal human senses. Students will learn about the “language of the woods” and how nature’s alarm systems functions, enabling the Scout to detect enemy movements at greater distances. Students will also learn movement techniques that avoid tripping this alarm grid. In addition, students will learn advanced camouflage techniques for operating on point, new human booby traps not taught in other courses, and how to detect and render useless booby traps set by enemies (such as land mines and IEDs), as well as how to detect enemy ambushes.

(no classes scheduled)

Counter and Anti-Tracking
This course is a three-day expansion of the Counter & Anti-Tracking segment of the Tracking and SERE courses. Students will learn how to cover their trail while operating in the field. Students will be presented with a variety of scenarios that will require them to deploy different anti-tracking techniques based on varying conditions. Participants will also be taught how to beat enemies who have counter and anti-tracking skills. This course is designed for members of Scout or sniper teams, human tracking teams, and those who operate behind lines without extensive support.


(no classes scheduled)

Advanced Urban Escape and Evasion (REVISED)
We have revised this class to include a strong emphasis on the manufacture of improvised tools and equipment from scavenged materials. This course will add new skills to the Urban Escape & Evasion graduate but will primarily focus on field applications. You will learn how to make useful E & E tools, then spend time scavenging the urban area, finding the materials needed, and actually manufacturing them. In addition, students will be required to obtain food, water, and shelter and remain overnight in the city. They will need to avoid capture, and they will be required to complete several tests or scenarios that will require advanced students to truly apply their Scout and urban survival skills.

Beyond SERE
Traditional SERE courses are based on one core assumption: If you are shot down behind enemy lines, you will be rescued within 72 hours. What happens if a 72-hour rescue doesn't materialize? Do you have the skills to survive on your own indefinitely without support? Can you evade the enemy while they aggressively hunt you?

(no classes scheduled)

Sniper Field Craft I
The focus of this class is on the camouflage skills that a sniper employs as he completes his mission. Students will learn ghillie suit construction, the proper use of natural camouflage, the advantages of digital camo, “sniper hide” construction, and many other camouflage related skills.

Sniper Field Craft II
The focus of this class is on sniper movement, insertion, observation skills, range estimation, range maps, weather recording, counter-tracking and a host of other skills leading up to the shot, as well as extraction and “escape and evasion” after the shot.

Sniper Shooting Craft
This class is focused strictly on shooting long-range targets. This includes ballistics, shooting form, trigger and breathing control, windage, distance estimation, hold-over, up and down hill shooting, and many other related long range shooting skills. It is an intense class with a heavy focus on shooting. A long-range rifle and optics are required. Please let us know your shooting platform prior to registration. No prior shooting experience is required.

(no classes scheduled)

Off Grid Medical Care
This class, taught by an emergency room Physician, and will focus on medical care when structured care is no longer available. The focus will be on trauma care ­ care of gunshot and knife wounds, broken bones, amputations, and other types of injuries that may be encountered following the collapse of medical care. The class will also include suturing, administering IVs, and setting bones. It will also include administration of medicine, and other longer-term treatments. This class does NOT certify you for any type of recognized medical care, and is designed only for preparation against a time where medical care is not available.

Rapelling 101 Class
This class will teach students how to rappel off cliffs. They will learn how to make an emergency harness, to properly anchor rappelling lines, how to belay, and most importantly, how to step off and rappel. The class is for both beginning and intermediate students who want to get experience in rappelling from our cadre of experts.

(no classes scheduled)

Urban Survival
The city you once called home collapses and you suddenly find yourself in a hostile concrete jungle. What do you do? How do you survive and thrive for an extended period of time? This course provides the necessary skills and training to survival for an extended period in an urban or even suburban setting. Topics covered include sheltering in place vs. evacuation strategies, food and equipment storage, home heating, water storage and purification, grid-down repairs, off-grid medical care, long-term survival supply acquisition (urban foraging), urban trapping (to acquire protein), and home defense.

Urban E & E (Military Only)
This extended five day course is designed to provide a (very) unique set of skills for members of the SOF community. The class is designed to provide operators with advanced skills that will increase their operational effectiveness in global urban environments. Topics covered include covert movement (day and night), the judicious use of caches, understanding urban baseline and urban awareness training, the use of urban disguises and false papers/identification, lock picking, escaping from custody, obtaining and driving local transportation, etc. The class also includes making improvised weapons, the covert use of edged weapons for quick kills, and edged-weapon combatives. Students will also learn how to defeat basic security systems, develop counter-interrogation techniques, surveillance detection techniques. Students will participate in a challenging one and a half day field training exercise where they will have the opportunity to apply all of the skills learned. Students will RON in the field during the exercise. This class is offered in Philadelphia quarterly. It is open to Tier 1 OPERATORS AND TEAMS ONLY. TS clearance a requirement. Individuals are encouraged to sign up for the Philadelphia classes. However, the class can be taught at your location for intact units. There is pre-work for the class that will aid in the student’s success.

(no classes scheduled)

Emergency Preparedness
This class is designed to prepare you and your family to survive natural and manmade disasters. This is the first class in the series of preparedness courses designed prepare you for most any unfortunate situation. We will introduce you to a combination of both the latest cutting edge gear and bleeding edge knowledge. The combination of the two will greatly assist in you being prepared. This class is focused on short-term situations, lasting between one to five days. Future classes build upon this course to extend your survival through a much longer time period and a host of situations from depression to famine to WMD attacks.

(no classes scheduled)

Home Invasion
With the economy in turmoil, crime rates are going up almost daily. Home invasion robberies are also on the increase. Learn what to do to protect your family. This course was designed to give you the knowledge and skills to help your family survive a home invasion. You will learn both what to do and what not to do. You will learn what kind of equipment is needed and what precautions must be taken to harden your home. This course could mean the difference between your family surviving or not.

(no classes scheduled)

Urban Survival Skills for Women
Sadly, violent attacks against women have been on the increase. This course was specifically designed to give women the knowledge and skills needed to avoid being a victim. In this course students will learn about attacks on women, awareness, protection options, escape, anti kidnapping, counter rape, and many more emergency skills needed by women in today¹s violent society.

(no classes scheduled)

Dynamic Scout
This course will prepare participants to survive and observe, as did the Scout, gathering information from tracks and sign, and hiding from enemies. Many of the skill presented in this course will benefit hunters as well in the scouting and acquisition of game. Students will learn awareness skills that will give them strong tactical advantages. They will learn how to read and understand the language of concentric rings, they will also learn movement (team and individual), stalking, camouflage techniques, counter tracking, intelligence gathering, and other associated skills that will allow them to move in silent invisibility. They will learn anti tracking techniques and how to detect anti-tracking devices such as booby traps and ambushes using awareness skills. There will also be some force on force training (Paintball). This course will be slightly different from the standard Scout as we will be mixing Urban Scout Skills with the Rural Scout Skills. We will also be tasking the student with more field time demonstrating and performing several practical evolutions and dynamic training scenarios. The majority of the course will be in the field running simulations and practical evolutions. Students who have taken the Scout course will benefit from a new spin on the Scout class as well as new students learning Scout skills for the first time. We will also add a touch of Urban Scout skills requiring the student to maintain a low profile and not draw attention to themselves as they transition from urban environment to the rural environment making the transition from camper to hiker to Scout. On day one students will learn some basic Urban Scout movement and techniques and then apply those skills as they move into the campsite, set up camp and meet at predetermined areas for the Scout instruction. Most of the course skills will be taught in the field. It will be the entire standard Scout Course with a valuable twist. Although this may appear to be an advanced course, it is not, it is designed for the Beginner and experienced Scout as well. This course is a great team building experience, a great way to bring your group together as a team. Be prepared for long hours in the field and numerous practical exercises. Returning participants who have completed previous Scout classes will have the opportunity to lead teams as well as test their individual skills under dynamic roll playing scenarios as well as introducing the concepts of duality of the Scout between Urban and Rural environment operations, a hybrid concept mixing basic urban and rural scout skills into a full 3 day weekend of roll playing and field operations. This course will be a full 3 days running scenarios and field exercises 24-7 (once in the field). Class will begin early Friday and end Late Sunday. Many individuals will benefit from this course from Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement,. Scout Snipers to Rural Surveillance Operators.

(no classes scheduled)

Surviving Deadly Contact
This class will be hands on training, force on force with paintballs, and live fire with pistol and carbine. Students will learn learn the rules of combat, shoot and move. Every game has rules and those who do not know the rules will definitely lose.

  • What is the most dangerous place in a room?
  • What is the order you engage your targets?
  • What are the levels of cover?
  • How do you handle multiple opponents?

If you don't know the rules, you can't win..(other than pure luck)...
This class focuses on real life threat scenarios: a shooting or robbery in Walmart, attempted carjacking, scuffle at the restaurant, muggings in the mall parking lot, home invasion.

This class will be taught by trained combat veterans


AK-47 Combat Application course
This course will teach you to maximize the use of the Kalashnikov series of weapons.

Students will learn the most effective way to sight in their carbine, how to capitalize on its strong points, and to overcome its weaker points. Students will learn how to speed load this weapon, how to transition to a secondary weapon, low light tactics, ballistics, and more. All this will be accomplished using an unmodified stock AK-47.

Students will also see and try out special modifications and options available for the AK weapon system. They will be able to experiment with some tricked out AK’s to see what works for best for them. They will be able to learn what mods work, and which are a waste of money.

In short, students will learn to use this very effective weapon to its full potential.

(no classes scheduled)

Bugging Out
This course is designed for anyone who has come to the realization that there may come a time to evacuate their home and travel to a safer place.

You will learn the art of bugging out, leaving you home with your dependants and loved ones. Whether it be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, the breakdown of social order, a chemical spill, or just severe weather, you will be prepared to leave your home and travel safely to your destination.

You will learn when to evacuate, how to properly plan a bug out, what supplies you will need and how to have them where they are needed.

You will be taught the order of priorities for survival and travel during a social breakdown that will accompany almost any disaster. There will be detailed discussions on gear, what is truly necessary and what is fantasy. Shelter, water, fire, food, packs, protection and security, emergency signaling and communication, medical, trading and bartering, land navigation and more will be discussed.

You will learn how to stay low profile, not attracting unwanted attention while moving and camping.

The final exercise will be great fun, as you go outdoors and test your skills and equipment in a series of skill stations practicing your priority skill sets while on the move. This will give you a realistic angle of view on what your skill level is, how your equipment really performs, and what you need to work on.

Follow on classes are offered in the skill sets covered in class. The follow on classes will be dedicated to developing proficient in that one specific skill set. They include a shooting course, medical class, communications, fire workshop, and food procurement, all related specifically to bugging out.

All student will bring their bug out kits for the class. Instructors will go through the kits individually with each students, and help them modify them accordingly. Students will work out of their kits in the class. A recommended packing list will be provided. But bring whatever you have and want, as this will be the time to test your gear and find out what it really does.

Exiting the Grid
There are over 30 million surveillance cameras in the United States. The average citizen appears on these cameras many times each day. Every credit card and debit card transaction is tracked and buying behavior categorized and sold. Social networking pages track your online behavior. Your cell phone can pinpoint your location, and it is rumored that the NSA tracks every conversation, listening for key words. The discount card you use at the grocery store tracks your buying preferences. Bottom line is that our lives are constantly being monitored. A grid of surveillance.

Exiting the Grid is for anyone desiring to reclaim their privacy. We will look at the myriad ways your privacy is compromised by seemingly innocent methods and sometimes by devious design. We will learn specific methods that you can use to avoid giving away information and how to counter electronic surveillance. You will learn how to hide your electronic trail. You will learn how to remove yourself from the Grid.

(no classes scheduled)

Survival Trek
After completing the Basic Survival class, students will leave the camp for a three-day trek into the high mountain desert. They will apply the skills they learned in the previous class, and will make shelter, find water and food, and manufacture tools and fire. They will bring with them minimal gear they manufactured in the previous class plus a knife and a blanket. This is an austere living class. You will be hiking several miles a day as you forage for materials. You will establish a camp and apply primitive living skills to your situation. Natural law is always the ultimate teacher.

(no classes scheduled)

This is a one day class designed to teach you how to cache survival goods amd valuables. You will learn how create or purchase vaults for caching your preparation items, how to prepare the items for long term storage, how to select a location, how to prepare the ground, and then how to find the cache again in the future. It will cover small caches, large caches, and long caches. You will also learn how to store your electronics to protect them from an EMP. It is a hands on class, and you will participate in preparing items for burial or storage.

(no classes scheduled)

Behavioral Programming
A 1 day class taught by Kelly Alwood

Can you make friends with a stranger in 5 minutes? Can you make your boss or coworker like you? Can you get a favor from a stranger? Can you get that loud annoying person to respect you and see you as the Alpha? Can you change some ones mind? Can you convince someone to trust you in just a few minutes?

The human brain can be programmed like a computer. You just need to learn the code. Weather it’s a digital phone call or text message, or face to face, you can train people very quickly to behave like you want.

Want more respect from someone? Want someone to stop harassing you?

This unique workshop is a lesson in life. This is a class on how to manipulate people into doing what you want. Generating the response from people that you desire. Whether its getting a yes for a date, a sales pitch, soliciting help, or stopping and starting a certain behavior.

Can you get the guy at the counter to comply with your demands or upgrade?

This course teaches you how to control any relationship. How to make things go your way. The do’s and don’t’s of texting, phone calls, social media, and face to face interaction with others.

By the end of this course you will be a human brain programmer. A better friend, boss, coworker, parent, salesman, bf/gf.

Some of the topics covered are:
Defining relationships
Peoples real interests
The order of your words
Phrases and words never to use
Gratitude, how its used and its effects
Texting rules
How time effects your interactions
Social physics
The Alpha strategy
Body language
Phone protocol
And much more...

Get the results you want!

(no classes scheduled)

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