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NSWG4 Medical N04

To whom it may concern:

I have taken three classes from Kevin Reeve and would highly recommend that you send as many key personnel from your unit as possible through his training. The courses are absolutely essential for your scouts, snipers, point men, and rear security. This is not an official Naval Special Warfare endorsement. It is simply my opinion based on my experience.

I completed the NSW Sniper COI shortly after taking Kevin’s classes and was able to utilize several of my new skills to excel in every aspect of the training, particularly in the stalking and shooting portions.

Understand that these skills are perishable and must be maintained through regular practice. Once your personnel return from the training, they must be given opportunities to fine tune their abilities and integrate them into existing SOPs in training evolutions before attempting to use them in a war zone. They will not become expert trackers overnight. It will take years of diligent study and an enduring commitment to maintaining a higher level of awareness at all times.

Your personnel are the most valuable assets you have, so train them well.


C. F.
US Navy Seal
NSWG4 Medical N04

JJ – MD from Oklahoma

The Urban Escape and Evasion class was your best class yet. I have enjoyed them all and look forward to another. Now I am a little more alert, a little more secure, a little more aggressive and a little more confident. And I can’t help but feel a little mischievous if not antisocial. Thanks for a great class.

JJ – MD from Oklahoma

SSG Joe J. 101st. Pathfinder

I attended one your first classes here at Ft. Campbell.(101st). I’m still with the Pathfinders and constantly teach my guys the basic woodsmen techniques I learned from your class. I’ve currently redeployed from my second deployment and getting ready for my third… soon! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us, just wishing we had longer… wish I could have picked your brain for a couple of weeks!

SSG Joe J. 101st. Pathfinder
“First In, Last Out”


Hey Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know, we tracked down a guy Tuesday. We spent about 7 hours off and on the track. We had a couple of different bloodhounds, I am sure they are good dogs but it was over a hundred degrees out there and they didn’t seem too interested. I was lucky enough to find a few tracks and put the dogs on them and we walked right up on the guy.


Captain, USMC

To whom it may concern:

I am a Captain in the US Marines. The skills that are taught by Kevin can not be matched in any Military School.

If you would like your scouts to master the ability to track a person for weeks, without being resupplied, while only carrying their weapons and not ever being discovered by the enemy then you need to send your scouts to Kevin Reeve’s classes.

Imagine a group of 30 people standing a post anticipating your arrival, you enter into their camp while they come inches from stepping on you and they never know you are there.

I have accomplished the examples listed above. In my years of training as a Marine I have spent as much time being a warrior on the ground as I have in the air. I have taken three one week classes taught by Kevin and in those classes I have learned skills my peers can not even comprehend.

Captain, USMC
Currently serving third tour in Iraq

RP Central California


Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and instruction make an interesting class fun, and exciting.

There is no doubt in my mind you have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and your logical order of thinking truly facilitates the learning.

What makes On Point so great is that what you teach and how you teach it is extraordinary. I have been to many seminars, from marketing to wing chung, as well as college and university classes, and I must tell you that you are doing a great job. You don’t simply have a bunch of material to hit us with. You organize it into components and you order it. It works for me and apparently it works for others as well.

Another point is that I believe you are committed to ongoing improvement. You have the curiosity to ask, how can I improve this, and the self confidence to go out and look for answers.

Thank God for people like you that are ready, willing, and able to share.

Central California

RS North Carolina

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful week of training. For me, it was a life changing experience. While we were obviously not in real combat, the realism of the training has given me a very good idea of how I would respond in combat.

The skills taught in this Tactical Scout class are interesting, unconventional and life saving. What a great feeling to know that I can sneak and peak within 30 feet of an encampment during the day or night and not be seen. I now know how to patrol effectively, command and control a squad of highly trained scouts and gather intelligence necessary for the completion of an assigned mission.

I also learned how important the skills I learned in your tracking class are to becoming a successful scout. My ability to track the enemy or friendly force, size up their strengths and weaknesses and stealthy move through the forest using the birds and animals as both concealment and sentinels was extremely valuable in evading your searching forces.

Thank you once again for providing such effective and realistic training.

North Carolina

DS IDF Special Forces


I am a former U.S. Marine, and now live in Israel where I serve as a sniper in a special forces unit.

In Israel, terrorists would often infiltrate remote towns and escape into the mountains. My unit wanted the ability to chase and quickly catch the terrorists before they had a chance to fade back into population centers. I have implemented many of the tactics that I learned from Kevin, and with great success. Often, we prevent terrorist attacks by dispatching trackers to search an area for signs of activity. More than once we were able to track down the location the terrorists used to scout their targets, as well as their weapons caches.

I also studied survival and evasion from Kevin. I had already taken SERE training both in the Marines and in the Israeli army, but my training with Kevin far surpassed what I had learned previously. I feel a tremendous security having that knowledge.

Kevin Reeve is a phenomenal teacher. He is a master tracker and survivalist. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with onPoint Tactical Tracking, and with Kevin Reeve. I’ve taken many courses in my military career, I feel that these were some of the most essential classes for combat preparedness.

IDF Special Forces

International IT Consultant

“There are certain events in our lives that impact us more than just a memory. From the first time we slipped on ice and fell, or getting into an car accident, to the time we have a first child, these events fundamentally change the way that we perceive and react to our environments.

“The Urban Escape & Evasion class from onPoint Tactical, taught by Kevin Reeve, added one of those events into my life. It modifies you from freezing up when danger strikes to promptly act against it. onPoint teaches the “what” and “why” behind the danger and allows you to thoroughly understand how to prepare: what is coming and how to properly react to it.

“On top of that, Kevin emphasizes stress inoculation, because it is critical to experience the danger under a controlled environment so that the brain will have a clear imprint of the sequence.  It will no longer be a new experience which the brain will still draw connection from the knowledge to action.

“We are IT consultants who deploy projects worldwide. We approached onPoint and Kevin on a particular project in Mogadishu, Somalia. The knowledge and training that we received allowed us to conduct our survey safely and return back home to USA safe and sound.”  – IT Consultant

International IT Consultant

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